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Charolais Breeding Cattle

Lone Pine Charolais uses a blend of groundbreaking genetics and traditional farming practices to provide top-quality Charolais breeding cattle. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs with our team.


Our mission at Lone Pine Charolais is to provide our customers in the beef industry with the highest quality breeding cattle available while exceeding expectations in customer service, integrity, and value.

Our Charolais cattle breeders continuously improve their practices to produce better quality bulls. You’ll see this in everything we do, from our excellent customer service to our breeding practices.

We use the latest technology and scientifically proven methods to breed cattle with well-rounded EPDs. Simultaneously, they’re given the personal attention and care only a family farm can provide.


By working with Lone Pine Charolais, you set your business up for long-term success. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to start a fruitful partnership.

Proven Practices + The Latest Scientific Technology = Better Breeding

Our Cattle

We know what beef producers want: sound, healthy, easy cattle that produce more pounds of profitable, high quality meat per head, and unmatched personal service.

Here’s how we use the best of nature plus the best of nurture to give you just that.

The Best of Nature: Far Superior Genetics and Technology:

In addition to the traditional pedigree, Lone Pine Charolais employs the latest DNA technology to ensure that our breeding practices result in the absolute best EPDs possible. We carefully plan each pairing to maintain the most desirable qualities and ideal standards for the Charolais breed, including mild temperament. What this means for our customers is easy calving with lower birth weights—for calves that grow fast and sturdy throughout the first year, and ultimately produce more high-quality beef at maturity. More beef per head equals more profit for you! Each bull sold comes with a complete scientific analysis of all the markers you’re looking for in your breeding program.

The Best of Nurture: Traditional, Gentle Farming Methods

Our gentle farming methods have been passed down for generations. From day one, Lone pine Charolais calves are hand-raised to be gentle and easy to manage. Calves stay with their mothers until natural weaning, and our cattle are free to roam and forage native grasses on 1000 acres of prime Georgia pastureland. With just over 300 head, they have ample space to graze. For supplemental grain, our team lovingly hand-feeds and handles each animal so that even the strongest of our bulls is docile.


Looking for high-quality breeding cattle? You have several available bulls to choose from. Our team can provide recommendations if you’re looking for specific EPD traits. Click below to view our bulls.

More Higher-Quality Meat Per Head

As a beef producer, you need high-quality bulls. Your herd’s bottom line profitability depends on them. So you need breeding cattle from a highly experienced company like Lone Pine Charolais.

You’ll find a variety of bulls at our farm. Each one has some of the best EPDs possible and provides excellent genetics for your herd. You’ll produce more beef per head at a higher quality, meaning greater profits.

Talk to our team at Lone Pine Charolais if you need recommendations or are looking for specific EPD traits in a bull. They’ll find the best one to suit your needs and help you get the best value for your purchase.

Our Bulls’ Sires

To breed healthy cattle with more high-quality beef per head, you need excellent genetics as your herd’s foundation. That’s why our cattle come from some of the best Charolais sires. Click the button below to learn more about them.