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Our Catalog of Charolais Bulls for Sale

We currently do not have any bulls for sale. Please check back often for updates.

As a beef producer, you need only top-quality sires for your herd. After all, your bottom line depends on it.

Choose from several of our available bulls. Our breeding cattle have excellent, well-rounded EPDs. You’ll raise the quantity and quality of your beef herd’s meat with our bulls, meaning more sales.

Browse our Charolais bull catalog below. Contact us if you have any questions about our bulls, want to see their EPDs and pedigree, or would like to purchase one.


The Best Genetics for Your Herd

Lone Pine Charolais’s registered Charolais bulls are some of the best available. They were bred through scientifically proven strategies and raised with practices cultivated over generations.

The Latest Technology

At Lone Pine Charolais, we continuously update ourselves on the latest technology, so you get only the best Charolais bulls available. However, we never forget the practice we developed over the years and combine technology with the personal care of a family-owned farm.

High-Quality Genetics

Increase your herd’s profitability with our top-quality Charolais breeding cattle. We collect a vast amount of data and use it to create highly successful AI breeding programs. By working with our team, you’ll consistently get bulls with well-rounded EPDs.

Excellent Feeding Practices

You’ll get only healthy and docile bulls. They are naturally weaned as calves, and our cattle freely roam lush pastures to forage native grasses. Additionally, we supplemented their diet with hand-fed grains to ensure they grow up to be excellent breeding bulls.

Easy Keeping Cattle

You’ll find our bulls are exceptional to work with due to how we raised them. They’re healthy, docile, and easy to keep. We hope to create a long-lasting business relationship with you and that you’ll rely on us for all your breeding cattle needs.

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Top-quality Charolais cattle using a blend of groundbreaking genetics and traditional farming practices.

We welcome inquiries. Contact us to learn more about our program and how Lone Pine Charolais can help you put pounds on the ground and mash those scales down!